Avoid a Cluttered Home

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Few things create a worse feeling of dissatisfaction than finishing a long day of moving only to find out that what you have decided to bring with you does not fit in your new home. Fortunately, with detailed planning before the move you can avoid this situation.

If you are downsizing, be prepared to do some serious cleaning up. Unless your soon to be former home had a lot of free space, you most likely will have to pick and choose what you keep.

First, you must measure the dimensions of your new home as well as your larger pieces of furniture. Just “eyeballing it” is not good enough. Precision is key when doing this, so make sure you are not cutting corners (literally).

After acquiring measurements, figure out what can fit where. Do not forget to take walking paths into account. A crowded home is not a comfortable home, so think about how much room you need to breathe, and work at using the space you have wisely. Be honest with yourself about this. This will be your space to live in. A lot of people tend to say that they can handle certain living conditions beforehand, but once they are in the situation they realize they underestimated its difficulty.

Once you have sorted out what you can fit in your new home, you must decide what to do with the possessions that did not make the cut. If they do not have sentimental value or you do not see yourself needing them again, selling your excess items is an easy way to make some extra cash. However, if you need a little extra space for the items you cannot part with, a storage unit is an affordable option. Get a unit close to your home, that way you can check on your storage space frequently.

The ideal move is practically seamless. Although life can sometimes hinder you from achieving a painless move, the more strategic you are about your move the better it will go.

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