The Importance of Experience in a Criminal Defense Attorney

Feb 28, 2020 by

If you’ve been charged with a crime, you’ve probably heard how important it is that you hire a criminal defense attorney. This advice could not be any truer. Hiring a criminal defense attorney is your best chance at having the cases brought against you dropped or significantly reduced. 

What many people do not talk about, however, is how important it is to hire a criminal defense attorney with years of experience under their belt. The more experienced an attorney is, the more likely you are to see the results that you are looking for. Read about why having an experienced criminal defense attorney is so important down below.

Relationship with Prosecutors. Despite popular belief, most criminal trials do not end up making their way to trial. Rather, most criminal cases are dealt with through the bargaining process between prosecutors and defense attorneys. The more experience your criminal defense attorney has, the more likely they have cultivated a respectful working relationship with the prosecutors at the district attorney’s office. This working relationship will allow them to more easily strike a deal that helps you avoid stiff penalties.

Explanatory Ability. Criminal cases are a big deal — if you are convicted, you could be sent to jail for years and be forced to pay thousands of dollars in fines. With a criminal record, you could find it difficult to find housing and employment after your release. In short, your reputation could be completely tarnished.

Because the case can have such an impact on your future, it is important that you are kept up to date at each stage of your case. You never want to be left in the dark about what is happening. After all, if you’re paying someone, you deserve frequent communication about what is going on. An experienced criminal defense attorney understands this, and he or she will have the skills needed to explain what is going on in your case in an easy to understand manner because they have likely explained the same exact things for years during their career. You’ll never be confused about what is going on and will always know what is happening next. 

They’ve Seen it All. Experienced criminal defense attorneys have seen it all. They’ve represented clients who have committed some of the worst crimes imaginable, and you telling them about the details of a petty shoplifting crime isn’t going to phase them. Therefore, you may feel more comfortable divulging the information pertaining to your crime to an experienced attorney rather than a lawyer straight out of law school. 

And because experienced attorneys have seen it all, they know what defenses work and don’t work in court. While they will be sure to treat each and every case they take as unique, they have a working knowledge of how juries in your area operate and how to argue the case if it ever makes it to court.

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The Chaotic and Cool Electric Scooters

Apr 26, 2019 by

If you live in a city or near a college campus, you’ve seen them. They appear suddenly. They are energized at night. They wreak havoc. They cause chaos. They are connected to many, many injuries. Some deaths.

That’s right, I’m talking about electric scooters. The biggest electric scooter brands are Bird and Lime. But other brands, like Uber’s Jump or Spin, are also jumping into the fold. These scooters, most popular with millennials and urbanites, are just other services in a new economy prioritizing convenience and express delivery.

People can make money — mostly as a side gig but for some, as a full-time job — charging the electric scooters at night and returning them to populous areas before sunrise. This has established a system of self-sustainability wherein “chargers” refuel the electric batteries while contracted, amateur mechanics repair scooters with functional issues.

Unfortunately, these mechanics operate with no professional credentials or certification. In some cases, the people who are charged with repairing or fixing electric scooters have absolutely no experience solving mechanical issues. The issue, of course, is that human error will cause a scooter to malfunction and potentially endanger the rider and nearby pedestrians. These errors will only become more common with the increasing explosion of electric scooter brands.

However, the role of mechanics is just one of the many safety issues that these new devices represent. With very little oversight, these companies flood the markets and cities literally overnight. City councils and municipal boards have had to issue bans not because the devices are without merit, but because they need time to adjust parking ordinances as well as learn enforcement mechanisms for scooters driving on sidewalks, for example.

Another danger is car-scooter collisions. The dangerous phenomenon is especially prevalent in urban communities, swamped with electric scooters, with little to no bicycle infrastructure. A lack of bike lanes, narrow lanes, or confusing road configurations can and will lead to more car-scooter accidents wherein a negligent scooter rider or an inattentive driver will collide.

Many scooter accident injuries are particularly dangerous because of the inherent vulnerability of so many riders; helmets are not required nor are individual state laws necessitating them always enforced. In most collisions, a rider is thrown from their scooter. Being thrown to the ground at a high speed is obviously dangerous and even sometimes, fatal.

Other injuries include spinal cord injuries, bruised or broken bones, lacerations, cuts, sprained ankles, and broken wrists.

I did some research on liability for scooter accidents. The website for The Law Offices of Jeffrey R. Caffee argues that in most cases, scooter accident victims are pressured to assume responsibility in the accident, even if the facts of the case demonstrate that the car or truck drivers are to blame. They advise you to talk with a lawyer before you accept an offer for a settlement or compensation from an insurance company. Apparently, insurance companies have a history of short-changing — or trying to pay you as little as they can get away with — instead of focusing on paying you the money you deserve and need to recover from your accident.

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Green Cards Are Going to Get Harder to Get

Nov 9, 2018 by

The law hasn’t particularly changed, but the atmosphere around the law definitely has when it comes to green cards. Immigration has become a priority issue in recent years in America, and that means those who have green cards or intend to get green cards need to get legal assistance more than ever before.

Green cards make it possible for workers to come over and take important jobs. They also allow families to stay together. However, the process is by no means a simple one, and the current atmosphere around the process suggests that it may soon get even harder.

What does this mean for those who have a green card or who want to get one?

It means getting more legal help with the process. Green cards are already complicated. They cover a huge number of situations, and each situation has its own process. This process is long and involves a great deal of paperwork, as well as interviews and other expectations. Small mistakes can be very costly. In fact, they can be so costly that they cost you a green card altogether.

So, your best option is to go first and foremost to a green card attorney that can help you navigate the whole process from the first page of your first application all the way to citizenship. As green card lawyer William Jang points out, the green card process can involve significant delays in which no information is provided to the applicant. It can also involve appearances in court.

As this process draws more and more attention, it is likely that requirements will be ever more strictly enforced, leading to a greater likelihood that even the slightest misstep is severely punished. You don’t want to risk your career or the residency of a loved one. The only way to make sure you get everything right is by bringing your case to an experienced green card lawyer.

There’s also a further reason to work with a green card lawyer in the current political environment. A green card lawyer can ensure that your rights are respected once you’ve been granted a green card. As a resident of the U.S., you are entitled to the same legal protections as citizens, and if those rights are ever infringed, you’ll need to be able to defend your legal status against very serious legal opposition.

The immigration process in the United States has come to the forefront of the American political world, with very passionate opinions on all sides. Until the system has been conclusively changed or left as it is, it’s hard to know exactly how the green card process will go forward for you, your family, or your employees. It’s likely that getting a green card is going to continue to get harder, at least in the short-term. That means you’re best served by getting a green card lawyer to make sure you successfully navigate the process, no matter how strict it gets.

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No state competes with Kentucky

Oct 20, 2017 by

Kentucky is a great place to live. The bluegrass state takes a lot of flack, some of it fair, a lot of it overblown. Mostly, when you hear about Kentucky, you hear about basketball or a redneck joke.

There are plenty of rednecks in this area, but not all of those necks are red because of farm labor. Some of us have red necks because we spend our time riding the road.

Name for me a more beautiful piece of land to bike in this country of ours than Kentucky? You can’t. You might name some that compete, some that should be mentioned in the same sentence, but I won’t hear it if you think any place actually beats Kentucky.

We’ve got it all when it comes to views and vistas. We’ve got hills and mountains, we’ve got caves. We’ve got rivers and river valleys. We’ve got beautiful pastures. We’ve got cities. We’ve got open land. We’ve got bluegrass. Who else has that? No one. Kentucky’s got the copyright.

I bring this up because I recently got into a discussion with some bikers from Texas. Now that’s a state to make a biker weep: big and flat and boring all across. But they say different. Of course they do, if you’ve ever met anyone from Texas, they are positive to a ridiculous degree that everything is better in Texas.

But I’ve ridden their roads, and I can say it doesn’t match up to Kentucky. Texas is fine for what it is. It’s hot. It’s got cowboys. It’s got a few nice cities and a lot of space in between them to ride, but it doesn’t have the beauty of Kentucky. Kentucky’s in a class of its own. There’s just something about the environment.

Now, if these folks had been from Tennessee or West Virginia, I might be willing to concede a little more. Those states have a lot to brag about as well in terms of natural beauty, but Texas? Come on, it’s not even a competition.

I’m not saying we don’t have our faults here. We could use a few more of those Texas straight roads and some of that Texas space to really open up and ride like the wind. And we have our share of accidents and our share of problems like every state.

But none of that takes away from Kentucky’s unbeatable looks. She’s a ten. She’s perfect. And no other girl at the dance is even close.

I’ve got myself so worked up talking about her, and I think I’ve got to get out and take her in now. The leaves have changed, it’s early morning. I reckon I could get from Louisville to Bowling Green by lunch, and what a ride that’ll be.

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Benefits of Hiring a Long-term Disability Benefits Lawyer

Jul 20, 2017 by

No one plans on becoming disabled, yet many are forced to claim disability benefits at some point in their career. According to the Council for Disability Awareness, about one in four of today’s 20-year-olds have a chance of becoming disabled at some point before retirement. The average absence lasts 34.6 -36 months, which is long enough to deal a severe financial blow to those who are unable to work. In theory, long-term disability insurance confronts this problem by proving steady income payments to disabled individuals for a period of time. While payments typically comprise only 50-60% of the individual’s former salary, they often help with bill payments and medical expenses .

Unfortunately, long-term disability insurers are often reluctant to grant benefits to injured parties given the expense that it represents for their business. On occasion, insurers will deny appeals for invalid reasons, relying on the filer’s lack of legal literacy to avoid their claim. Thus, those who are denied long-term disability benefits by their insurer are advised to consult with a disability claim appeal lawyer, who can help them determine the validity of the insurer’s denial.

Reasons to hire a long-term disability lawyer

As the disability claim appeal lawyers with Fields Disability point out, it’s beneficial to hire a professional for the following reasons:

  • Lawyers understand the deadlines involved with the appeals process
  • Lawyers have experience with insurance company regulations and can craft a legal argument based on this experience
  • Lawyers are familiar with the potential interaction between long-term disability benefits, workers’ compensation benefits, and Social Security benefits
  • Lawyers can act as a buffer between you and the insurance company, allowing you to keep your personal life separate from your legal case


Overall, long-term disability lawyers can help alleviate your concerns by using their expertise to navigate the legal process and craft an excellent claim dispute.

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Car Defect: Even Wrecks at Relatively Low Speeds can Cause Horrific Damage

Apr 28, 2017 by

Car Defect: Even Wrecks at Relatively Low Speeds can Cause Horrific Damage

To children and senior citizens, being involved in a car accident can be a cause of serious trauma, especially if they sustain severe physical injuries. Car accidents are among the most common causes of injuries and deaths in the U.S. More than five million road accidents involving cars, still happen on U.S. roads annually – more than two million of these accidents result in injuries, while more than 30,000 result in death.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the top causes of car crashes are drunk-driving, recklessness driving, over speeding and driver error. While all these may fall within the control of the driver, there are also causes identified by the NHTSA that fall outside the driver’s control – this is either road defect or vehicle or car defect.

Car defects can be very hard to prove, despite certainty of the driver that something in his/her vehicle failed to function well, thus the car accident. If the defect is indeed proven, the car manufacturer usually makes a recall of the particular model to correct whatever mistake the manufacture of the car resulted to.

Mistakes are often caused by skipping a necessary manufacturing step/procedure or by adding a step in the manufacturing process, but which should not have been added in the first place. Though it may be clear that producing a defective car is never intentional, the fact that it passed quality check from the manufacturer and got released into the market, are but just signs of carelessness and gross negligence.

According to the firm Spiros Law, P.C., “Even wrecks at relatively low speeds can cause horrific damage. Additionally, as you increase your speed, you become more and more susceptible to tragic accidents should you lose control of your vehicle. There are many types of defects that can cause problems or auto accidents, such as: seatbelt defect, brake malfunction, tire defects, airbag defects, and, child car seat defects.

Should your tires or brakes fail due to a manufacturing defect, your seat belt, airbag, and child car seats should work properly to keep you safe. However, if these items are defective as well, you can be left without the additional protection that you are supposed to have.”

In the event of an accident, the manufacturer may be held totally liable for whatever injury or harm a victim may sustain. It will also be part of the manufacturer’s legal responsibility to the victim, to the compensate him/her with the correct amount based on the present and future cost of medical treatment plus wages lost, if the victim will fail to render work for a certain period.

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Signs of Concussion

Jan 30, 2017 by

A mild traumatic brain injury, more commonly known as a concussion, occurs when the brain has sustained some damage after an impact to the head. This mostly occurs because of a direct force to the head, such as in traffic accidents, sports like basketball and football, and slip and fall accidents. In fact, concussion is such a serious issue in these incidents that there are legal professionals who specialize on them, such as the NFL concussion lawsuit attorneys at Mokaram Law Firm.

The symptoms of a concussion may come immediately after impact, but there are instances where the symptoms only surface after a few days, or even weeks. The most common symptoms include:

  • Difficulty in concentrating
  • Difficulty in remembering the traumatic event
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Sensitivity to light and noise
  • Slow reaction time
  • Vision problems

There are also more serious symptoms that need medical attention right away. These include:

  • Abnormal eye movement
  • Body coordination problems, such as clumsiness
  • Difficulty in balancing and walking
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Mood changes such as irritability
  • Seizures
  • Slurred speech
  • Worsening of other symptoms

Most concussion patients completely recover, but the recovery period may even take a few months. There are also situations where surgery is required, depending on the gravity of the traumatic brain injury.

Prevention is always better than cure. To prevent concussions, make sure to wear your seatbelt while on the road, to prevent your head from crashing to the steering wheel, windshield, or any hard surfaces. Wear protective gear such as helmets while doing sports activities. Be wary of slippery substances, defective escalators, elevators, and floors, and other objects and obstructions that may can a slip and fall accident.

This is especially true to those who have already sustained a concussion. Though it is rarely fatal, repeated concussions can seriously damage the brain.

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What Are The Penalties For Statutory Rape?

Dec 22, 2016 by

Statutory rape is a serious offense that involves two people engaging in sexual activities where one of the two is below the legal age of consent which can be between 14 and 18 years of age. It is categorized into first degree and second degree. First degree rape is committed against someone below 12 years old and the initiator is older than 16 years old.

Second degree statutory rape, on the other hand, involves an initiator who is more than 16 years old and a victim aged between 12 and 16 years old. The penalties for second degree statutory rape are less harsh than first degree statutory rape. Statutory rape is a kind of sex offense and hence the offender may be required to register as a sex offender. Depending on the location and the circumstance, penalties may vary.

Nashville sex crime attorneys will tell you that statutory rape will be charged as Class E felonies and hence will carry the mandatory minimum jail term of one year. For first degree statutory rape, when the minor is less than 12 years old, the penalty may be life imprisonment or from 10-99 years. Second degree statutory rape will often carry lower sentences and will be charged as a misdemeanor. The jail term will range from one year to twenty years in jail.

In statutory rape, the age of the minor can be a huge factor in the success of a case. Over the years, laws have evolved as a reaction to the pressure from parents who are worried about minors engaging in sexual acts with other minors. As the world is constantly changing, so are the laws that govern statutory rape. It is worth noting, however, that the age difference does not completely decriminalize the act. It only reduces the possible sentence.

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Causes of and Contributory Factors to Office Injuries

Nov 3, 2016 by

Many think that office settings are much safer places where employees or workers can complete their tasks while sitting in a comfortable chair in a climate-controlled room. However, though not as dangerous as construction sites, law enforcement work, or health care environments, office setting hazards are surprisingly numerous, presenting their own unique risks that continue to injure thousands of unsuspecting and careless employees every year.

In 2014, the U.S. Department of Labor’ Bureau of Labor Statistics released a report which says that there were more than 3 million non-fatal workplace injuries and illnesses in the private industry in 2013. The report also says that the most common causes of injuries in offices include:

  • Falls, which can be due to slipping or tripping. There are many contributory factors to falls, such as: files, boxes and other items piled up along walkways; colliding with someone; marble or tiled floor which can be very slippery; and standing on a chair, especially a rolling office chair. In 2008, an estimated 25,790 workers were injured due to fall accidents;
  • Improper storing of office items, which may be made by piling materials too high, disorderly piling of things, resulting to blocked doors, fire-fighting equipment or fire exits, and placing very heavy objects on high shelves;
  • Incorrect lifting of large and/or heavy objects, resulting to overexertion or strains;
  • Improper lighting, poor indoor ventilation and air quality;
  • Cluttered electrical wiring. This include extension cords, computer wires or headphone wires;
  • Unwanted sound or noise, which is often caused by human voices. Noise is a clear source of interference, annoyance and major distractions, especially to those engaged in mental activities, such as writing and/or researching. Noise can reduce performance, as well as increase errors, in activities that greatly require mental concentration. Affected individuals often resort to means that will minimize unwanted noise as much as possible, like using headphones for music that will help drown the unwanted noise. This means, however, is not always effective as it can lead to unnoticed dangers that the concerned individual may sustain injuries from; and,
  • Workplace violence.

Thinking that office workers are immune to workplace injuries because the physical strain for the bulk of work associated with an office environment is minimal as compared to the labor in other fields a dangerous misconception. This is why even office workers are covered by Workers’ Compensation Insurance – to enable them to apply for benefits in case they get injured on the job.

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Despite Knowledge of Taxotere’s Damaging Effects, Sanofi-Aventis did not Warn Doctors and Patients Until 2015

Sep 18, 2016 by

During the latter part of the 1990s, study called GEICAM 9805 was sponsored by Sanofi (Sanofi-Aventis is the manufacturer of the chemotherapy drug Taxotere, with generic name Docetaxel). In 2005, results of the study revealed to Sanofi that 9.2 percent of women who used Taxotere suffered permanent alopecia or permanent hair loss).

In 2006, another study revealed that Taxotere use could cause women to suffer permanent alopecia (this study was conducted by Medical Oncologist and Internist Dr. Scot Sedlacek of the Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers).

Taxotere was first approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 1996 for breast cancer treatment. In succeeding years, it also gained approval to treat a variety of cancers including non-small cell lung cancer, prostate cancer, gastric cancer, and head and neck cancer.

Compared to Paclitaxel, another chemotherapy drug that is in the same class as Taxotere (both drugs belong to the class plant alkaloids) the latter gained more preference since its required treatment was once every three weeks as against the weekly treatment required by Paclitaxel (Paclitaxel, though, was said to be just as effective as Taxotere). Paclitaxel, however, did not cause permanent alopecia, the damaging side-effect associated with Taxotere. Permanent alopecia was not the only complaint against Taxotere, though. Some breast cancer patients actually complained of alopecia universalis or total hair loss on the scalp and body; this means total loss of hair on the eyebrows, eyelashes, under arms and around the genital area.

Women affected by the damaging effects caused by Taxotere have now pending lawsuits where they accused Sanofi-Aventis of:

  • Having manufactured and marketed a dangerous drug;
  • Selling Taxotere without testing it properly and exhaustively and without disclosing its damaging risks;
  • Failing to properly warn patients and health care providers about Taxotere’s damaging effects;
  • Concealing information (of Taxotere’s damaging effects) from the public; and,
  • Downplaying the dangers associated with Taxotere.

The law firm Williams Kherkher says that Sanofi-Aventis knew about the side-effect of Taxotere as early as 2005; this is how it was able to warn patients outside of the U.S. about this side effect. Patients in the U.S. were warned of the dangers of using Taxotere only in December of 2015, though, after the (FDA) mandated it to do so.

Every year, 183,000 to 300,000 new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed in the U.S. Tens of thousands have already been treated with Taxotere in the past. Continuous use of this damaging drug can only result to more ruined lives.

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